Ben Ray, the man in the Back Room of the Ceilidh

From Frank Turner to Frigg, from Lau to Lankum, and from Nancy Kerr to Ninebarrow, Back Room of the Ceilidh puts an expert ear to the latest releases of the folk and roots scene.

Ben Ray, the man in the Back Room of the Ceilidh, is a young music reviewer with fRoots. Having spent three years writing and reviewing for the Cherwell newpaper, Oxford University’s independent student newspaper (and ostensibly also completing a History degree), Ben was recruited by and currently reviews for fRoots, the UK’s specialist folk and world music magazine.

Ben’s burning passion for folk and roots music emerges in his wide range of writing- having been lucky enough to write about a wide range of musicians such as the Nordic Fiddler’s Bloc, the Dovetail Trio, Chris Cleverley and the Blue Rose Code. With a strong passion for folk music. This, combined with his sparse and compelling style, makes for compelling and fascinating reading.